jimmy scofield logo

Hello! My name is Jimmy (he/him) and I am a graphic designer based in the fine city of Norwich, in the UK. I have been designing for the publishing industry for more than 15 years. I have worked with a wide range of clients, including The Guardian, the National Trust, independent bookshops and many others. I am the graphic designer for Booktime, the leading books magazine.

Booktime magazine

Booktime is a free magazine, aimed at the general public, all about the latest books. It includes author interviews, features, competitions, reading recommendations and more. Designed and produced for the Bookseller Association, it’s available only at independent bookshops and comes out every two months. View the full online version here.

Publishing Scotland Spring catalogue

Showcasing all the best Spring books from Scottish publishers, this catalogue was designed for Publishing Scotland and was direct mailed exclusively to bookshops throughout Scotland. It was produced in conjunction with Books Are My Bag, the Bookseller Association’s campaign which celebrates the experience of buying books from bookshops. View the full online version here.

Education Umbrella Children’s catalogue

The brief for this catalogue was to design a bright and vibrant booklet to be delivered into the hands of primary school book buyers. I used cartoon characters, paint blobs and doodles to bring the atmosphere and energy of children’s books to the fore, and to create an eye-catching and original layout.

Summer Books catalogue

Like Booktime, this summery catalogue was aimed at the general public and available exclusively at independent bookshops in the UK. The cover design had to evoke the warmth of reading by the pool in the holiday sun. It has a contemporary and colourful design, with an emphasis on bold hand-written typography.

Wordery brand refresh

My branding update to the logo and corporate brochure of Wordery, the online bookseller, had to retain all the goodness of the original, but with an new polish. It includes transparencies and a complimentary colour change, to give it a fresh and bold new style.

A blast from the past

Graphic design is my first love but I can also turn my hand to illustration work. So, let’s get nostalgic with my illustrated lollies from the 90s. Can you remember what each one is called? Answers on a postcard.

The Visually Impaired People podcast tile

The Visually Impaired People podcast talks to range of fascinating guests, from all walks of life, on the subject of being visually impaired. The criteria for this podcast tile was that it had to vividly draw attention to the topic, whilst also being accessible to those with visual impairments. You can listen to the podcast here.

Cai Draper website

The poet Cai Draper wanted his website design to be full of colour, loads of personality and to be a place where he could present his extensive catalogue of poems, upcoming live events and printed publications. (Cai’s website is currently being updated and will be back soon.)

But first, coffee...

When I'm not busy designing, you can find me drawing pictures of coffee brewers (with a hot cup of Joe on the side, of course). This illustration will soon be available as a print – please get in touch if you would like a copy!

Bertram Group values icons

The Bertram Group HR department required a cohesive series of icons that reinforced the core values of the company. Each icon had to convey each value simply and effectively, and also had to resonate with a wide variety of staff within the company – from warehouse pickers to customer service representatives.


I am an accomplished photographer, and am also adept at editing photos and other images using Photoshop. My photography work ranges from shots of offices and warehouses for corporate brochures, to attractive shots of books, and author photos at book signings – including Roger Moore, Nigella Lawson and Stephen Fry.

Business communications

Produced for important company presentations and exhibition stand screens, these communications use data visualisation, infographics and animations to make different aspects of business easy to understand.

Bertram Group corperate brochure

Designed for the Bertram Group Marketing Department for use at the London Book Fair, the brochure needed to represent all the divisional brands that made up the Group in one accessible piece of printed literature.

Company stationery

My work ranges from large scale products and campaigns to these smaller scale design pieces which help underpin and reinforce company branding. Business cards and letterheads, compliment slips and PowerPoint templates all play their part in building a brand.

The London Book Fair exhibition stand

The design of the Bertram Group exhibition stand for the London Book Fair had to be consistent with the corporate brochure, and had to stand out at the annual publishing event of the year. The design was kept minimal to allow each divisional brand space to breathe.

Eco shopping bag

Tapping into the need for more ecologically-friendly living, the design of these consumer-facing shopping bags had to appeal to broad spectrum of independent bookshop customers. The bold, hand-drawn typography was eco-printed in mono to keep it cost-effective.

ibg logo

A clean, classic and modern design using a serif font, to remind the members of the Independent Booksellers Group of its literary basis, and to convey a sense of trust and belonging.

Bertline logo

Bertline is an online EPOS stock management and ordering system for bookshops. The logo evokes a sense of dependable solidity in its operation, whilst drawing inspiration from the system’s use of scanning barcodes.

Staff badge

These fun pieces of marketing material were designed and handed out to staff and customers at the Bertram Group Christmas conference. With bold script typography, the design is redolent of both a classic Christmas and a more contemporary celebration.

Gift cards

These consumer-facing gift cards and envelopes were designed for independent bookshops to sell to their customers. With a wide range of different motifs created to appeal to a broad spectrum of bibliophiles, emphasising the importance of literature and generosity.

Frankenstein book jacket

One of seven book jackets reimagining the cover design of Mary Shelley’s classic work. I wanted to reflect the isolation and pain experienced by Victor Frankenstein’s creation in this design, as represented by the book’s arctic setting.